Concrete Block Making Machine in Bangladesh

Why Concrete block making machine?

The government of Bangladesh is planning to ban use of clay bricks to protect the environment. So, the manufacturing of clay bricks is going to be replaced by concrete hollow blocks. In this situation, all bricks making factories will be converted to block making factory. So, block making machine is going to be very important in the current years in Bangladesh.

Concrete block making machine

We are selling block making machine in Bangladesh

We are the prominent supplier of block making machine in Bangladesh. Our machines are from China or Italy having excellent quality and performance of operation.  We provide after sale services to our customers for one year for free and lifetime for a nominal service charge. We provide guarantee of our machinery.

We have stock in Bangladesh

We have stock of small block making machines in Bangladesh. Gradually, we will have stock of big machines too.

If you want to upgrade your capacity

We will buy back your old machine and give you new one if you want to upgrade the capacity of your project. So, nothing to worry about your starting capacity of your block making factory.

Price of Concrete Block making machine in Bangladesh

The price of machinery depends on it capacity. We have machine from 3.5 lac taka to 3.5 crore taka. The capacity will be 2000 pcs to 1,00,000 pcs per day.

Please contact us for more information, quotation and service warranty of our block making machines in Bangladesh.